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planting October 2015

300+ plants in October 2015!

Our volunteers are definitely our most valuable asset. The BCWS relies on the support of community members and their generous contributions of time and energy to support education and awareness programs, sustainability projects, and advocacy to protect and preserve this valuable resource.

Benefits are:

  • Learn to identify local  plants, fish and animals
  • Expand your network – meet new people
  • Learn from professionals in the field
  • Help a nonprofit group, make a positive contribution
  • Gain work experience, enhance your resume by learning new job skills
  • Be out in nature and contribute to preservation in your community
  • Become an informed advocate to protect the beauty of Brooklyn Creek
  • New to the Comox Valley? Meet new people, get to know the community

The easiest and fastest way to get involved and make a difference – Join us!

Planting October 2015Planting October 2015Volunteer as a BCWS director and you can participate on the planning and organization of projects and make suggestions towards the future of the Brooklyn Creek Watershed. As well, there are many specific skills that are needed:

  • Project coordination
  • Research
  • Financial administration
  • Web site administration
  • Public education
  • Grant application

Participate as a volunteer to a worthwhile endeavour. There is a volunteer opportunity awaiting all ranges of interests and skills that will engage your mind, your body and your spirit in the protection and restoration of your Watershed. Some examples where your volunteering can help are:

  • Fish counting in spring and autumn
  • Plant restoration
  • Water testing
  • Stream bank and channel improvements
  • Invasive plant removal
  • Interpretation tours
  • Debris and trash clean-up

Here is your chance to help make a difference – volunteer now!

Speak & LeadBrookly Creek Watershed Society Speak and Lead

As a community member committed to the well-being of the Watershed, you can be an advocate for the protection and preservation of the Watershed and be proactive on matters that are important to the Watershed.

Here are some BCWS best practices to share with others.

Please do not:

  • Disturb or remove any fish, wildlife or native habitat within the Brooklyn Creek area.
  • Litter or dump garbage, invasive plants, weeds, yard waste or sewage in the Watershed.
  • Dump chemicals (including pool or hot tub water) of any kind into Brooklyn Creek or municipal storm drains.
  • Disturb or remove any boulders, gravel or woody debris within Brooklyn Creek.
  • Dig or drive bikes or vehicles in Brooklyn Creek or alter its course and water flow.

Please do:

  • Pick up litter or garbage and place into a proper garbage container.
  • Ensure that garden plants and weeds cannot grow near or be introduced into the Watershed.
  • Report any chemical dumps or spills in the Watershed by calling The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Observe, Report Hotline: 1-800-465-4336


The Watershed Society gratefully accepts donations to support our ongoing protection, preservation and restoration activities to the fish and native plant habitat in the Watershed. Your donation will make a difference to the fish, the plants, the natural environment, and the overall beauty of the area.

Donations can be made by cheque (made out to “Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society”) and mailed to:

Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society
68 Orchard Park Drive
Comox, V9M 2S4

Note: we are unable to give donation tax receipts at this time.