A Beacon of Hope

Town of Comox – A ‘Beacon of Hope’ for Citizen Science in Action & Reconnecting Hydrology and Ecology through the Water Balance Approach
to Land Development.
This was a presentation by Christine Hodgson at the Water Sustainability Conference held in Parksville, B.C. in April 2019.

Comox-Beacon-of-Hope_Sep2019 (32-page PDF)

…from page 3:

British Columbia is at a tipping point. Will local governments bridge the gap
between policy and new standards of practice, reconnect hydrology and
ecology, create greener communities, and adapt to climate change?

The Partnership has identified Comox as a beacon of hope because the
Town’s experience shows what is possible when a local government has a
strong working relationship with the stewardship sector, and leads by
example to implement responsible water balance management.

The Town’s journey comprises three building blocks. Over the past decade,
experience gained and lessons learned through the Lower Brooklyn Creek
channel enhancement project and Northeast Comox land development
planning process have been integrated into the Draft Anderton Corridor
Neighbourhood Concept Plan for Middle Brooklyn Creek.

The Draft Anderton Corridor Concept Plan is precedent-setting because it
demonstrates how application of the Ecological Accounting Process (EAP)
approach helps managers change practices and adopt new strategies
regarding the protection and enhancement of ecological systems in the
stream corridor and riparian zone, and throughout the entire creekshed.

The Town is reconnecting hydrology and ecology by embarking on a
systems approach on all levels. The approach includes amending bylaws,
training staff, educating the development community and homeowners,
creating new procedures, and formalizing roles and responsibilities.

By taking action to reconnect hydrology and ecology, Comox is moving
along a pathway that ultimately leads to a water-resilient future where
flood and drought risks would be reduced, and ecological services would be

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