PSF Funds Education Outreach Initiative

Pacific Salmon Foundation

Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society (BCWS) was fortunate to receive funding from the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) for an education outreach initiative.  The PSF funds were used to design an information leaflet describing good stewardship practices to protect watersheds in general and specific information about Brooklyn Creek.

The leaflet was designed by Caila Holbrook of Comox Valley Project Watershed in partnership with three other watershed societies – Millard-Piercy, Glen Urquart, and Morrison.  The one side of the leaflet is the same for all four societies with the reverse side containing information specific to each watershed.  By combining efforts and funding we were able to produce a high-quality document.  Images of the BCWS leaflet are posted on the website under Brochure and Maps.

In September 2018, volunteers distributed over 1,000 leaflets to households directly adjacent to the creek.  Response to the canvassing activity was overwhelmingly positive.  Many homeowners had no idea of the importance of the stream for supporting fish populations and other wildlife, or that storm-water drains in their neighbourhood drained directly into the stream.

We are most appreciative of the support from PSF and our volunteers for a very successful educational awareness campaign.  We plan to distribute more leaflets in the Spring.  Anyone interested in participating in this activity is encouraged to contact BCWS here.

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NEW Map! + Watershed Challenges

Our new map of the Brooklyn Creek Watershed was produced in a cooperative effort involving Project Watershed and funding from the Pacific Salmon Foundation. BCWS has printed the map in a brochure that will be used to promote community education and best practices in urban watersheds.

2018 Map

Click to view the 2018 Brooklyn Creek Watershed Map Brochure (PDF).

Urban watersheds face special challenges with ever increasing development. Check out this guide for tips on healthy watersheds and information on watershed challenges.

Watershed Challenges

Click to view the Watershed Challenges Brochure.

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