Volunteer for annual smolt count

Water “fence” directs fish into the counting box.

The Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society (BCWS) will have a counting fence installed near the mouth of Brooklyn Creek over the next several weeks and is looking for volunteers to assist with the survey of this year’s coho smolts exiting the creek.

Brooklyn Creek is home to spawning populations of coho and chum salmon as well as resident cutthroat trout, sticklebacks, and sculpins. The stream originates in the area of the Crown Isle and Longland’s Golf Courses and flows through the City of Courtenay, the Regional District, and the Town of Comox before emptying into Comox Bay at Mack Laing Park. The BCWS is a community organization that develops and implements projects to facilitate the restoration and protection of the creek.

Counting the smolts

The information collected with this project provides a reference on the value of Brooklyn Creek as a salmon-bearing creek and to determine if past restoration activities are having a positive impact on salmon productivity. This will be the 11th year BCWS has monitored the exit of coho smolts from the stream. Previous records indicate fluctuations from 660 to 3,680 coho leaving the stream in a single year.

The BCWS is hosting an information and practical session about the

Finding small fry at the collecting box.

counting fence on Monday, April 16 , 6-7 p.m. at the creek site adjacent to 70 Orchard Park Drive. Participants will learn how to handle fish fry collected from the fish trap, data collection and species identification. The trap will be operational starting April 16 until early June and will require daily monitoring. The process takes about one hour, typically in the morning, and each volunteer is asked to assist one day each week.

Contact Larry Jefferson at  to reserve a space for the April 16 session.

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NEW Map! + Watershed Challenges

Our new map of the Brooklyn Creek Watershed was produced in a cooperative effort involving Project Watershed and funding from the Pacific Salmon Foundation. BCWS has printed the map in a brochure that will be used to promote community education and best practices in urban watersheds.

2018 Map

Click to view the 2018 Brooklyn Creek Watershed Map Brochure (PDF).

Urban watersheds face special challenges with ever increasing development. Check out this guide for tips on healthy watersheds and information on watershed challenges.

Watershed Challenges

Click to view the Watershed Challenges Brochure.

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