New Fish-Counting Box

The Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society has a new fish counting box courtesy of Kris Neilson, a volunteer fish counter.  Our old box was falling apart and had many design deficiencies, Kris used his ingenuity and made a new box with the following features:

–  marine plywood for the sides, bottom and top, stainless steel hardware and cedar skids to protect the bottom


– a screen that slides down over the pipe entrance and the entrance to the second chamber which prevents fish from swimming back up the pipe or going from chamber to chamber


– the bottom is flush with the screen which will make it much easier to net those frisky smolts.


I know our fish counting volunteers will really appreciate the new design for it will make the task much easier.

Many thanks to Kris Neilson for his hard work!

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Keeping it Living Award

In Spring 2018 BCWS was awarded the Comox Valley Project Watershed’s Keeping It Living Award.  The honour was bestowed because the “work of the dedicated Brooklyn Creek Watershed volunteers adds a vital chapter to the widespread community effort to restore and protect watersheds and habitat that are part of our K’ómoks Estuary.”

BCWS is thrilled to have received this award.  It culminates work that was carried out over a 12-year period – 2005 to 2017 – where BCWS worked with the Town of Comox and Current Environmental Ltd. to improve rearing and spawning habitat for salmon stocks and develop erosion counter measures to stabilize sections of the stream.  A secondary goal of the project was to improve pedestrian access within municipal greenways in Comox.

The Directors of BCWS extend their gratitude to Project Watershed for recognizing the work done in the Brooklyn Creek Watershed.

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